Monday, July 4, 2011

Before the Journey

It is July 4. The team and I leave for Honduras in 12 days. I've lost track, but I think this will be my sixth trip to that country. It is about the 15th mission team that has gone from a church I have been serving.

There is something about this country that keeps me coming back. It is an emotional connection to be sure, but it is something more. Something deeper. Something in the soil, the green hills, the people, the heavy air. On a previous trip I identified that as opening "a memory of the garden God planted at the beginning of all things." Maybe that's it. Maybe going back is a spiritual journey to where I ultimately want to be-in the physical presence of God.

Whatever that something is, I am going back to this country. This blog will journal that trip. God willing, the internet at the ranch will work and I will be able to submit daily posts while in the country.

I invite you to join me on this journey through this blog and through prayer.

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